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Andrew Paterson

Photo: Andrew Paterson Academic Rank: Distinguished Research Professor
Academic History: Ph.D., Cornell University 1988
Area of Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genomics
Campus: Athens
Office Location: Center for Applied Genetic Technologies, Room 228
Phone: 706/583-0162
Fax: 706/583-0160
Shipping Address: Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory
111 Riverbend Road
Athens, GA 30602-6810
Additional Web site: The Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory


Research, Teaching, and Extension Work

We conduct genome analysis of several crop plants and botanical models. Using detailed 'molecular roadmaps' of plant DNA, together with new molecular techniques, some of our goals are to:

Isolate and manipulate genes that regulate plant growth and development, such as:

  • Genes implicated in harvest efficiency, such as the gene imparting "shattering" to the mature grain inflorescence, to engineer more efficient cultivars or domesticate new ones.
  • Genes implicated in the response of "resistant" genotypes to pest attack, to better understand and deploy host plant resistance as an integrated pest management strategy.
  • Genes conferring "weediness" to problematic plants, such as rhizomatousness of Johnson grass, as potential targets for identifying environmentally-friendly growth regulators.

Identify and manipulate genes that confer new or improved traits to major crops, such as:

  • Quality and quantity of lint ("fiber") from cotton
  • Productivity and longevity of forage and turf grasses
  • Apomixis (clonal production of hybrid seed)
  • Quality and quantity of sugar from sugarcane
  • Size and shape of diverse vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and kohlrabi
  • Protection of productivity and quality of many crops from biotic or abiotic stress

Identify, evaluate, and utilize new approaches to crop genetic improvement, such as:

  • Identification of novel genes or genetic tools which have potential utility in major crops
  • Implementation of new genome-based approaches to gene cloning
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