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David Kissel

Photo: David Kissel Academic Rank: Professor and Director of Agricultural & Environmental Services Lab
Academic History: Ph.D., University of Kentucky 1969
Area of Expertise: Soil, Water & Waste Management
Campus: Athens
Office Location: Soil, Plant and Water Testing Laboratory
Phone: 706/542-5350
Fax: 706/369-5734
Shipping Address: Soil, Plant and Water Testing Laboratory
The University of Georgia
2400 College Station Road
Athens, GA 30602-9105
Additional Web site: Agricultural & Environmental Services Laboratories


Research, Teaching, and Extension Work

My research program seeks to better understand how the spatial variation of soil properties and processes affect nitrogen mineralization from soil organic matter, crop response to nitrogen fertilizer additions, and soil acidification and liming procedures. This research includes studies in the Coastal Plain region of Georgia to determine if the spatial variation of surface soil properties such as soil organic matter and clay concentrations can be mapped using remotely sensed images and GIS software. We have successfully mapped soil organic matter using reflectance in the visible range in one field and we will be testing these procedures in other fields. A knowledge of the spatial variation of clay and organic matter concentrations and other physical soil properties will be evaluated for their usefulness to describe the spatial variation of crop response to nitrogen fertilizer and for use with soil pH maps to create maps of lime requirement for use in precision farming. I also teach Advanced Soil Fertility, CRSS 8520.

University of Georgia (UGA) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES)